Sonoma Valley High School Boosters Club was started in 1980 to help fund sports and other extra-curricular activities at the high school.  In the beginning, the focus was primarily on sports.  Over the years, however, the Boosters have expanded to include all clubs and student activities that take place outside of the school day.  But it is no longer the case that these after school activities occur in a vacuum.  Instead, the funding provided by the Boosters augments the educational program at the High School.  Boosters, for example, sponsor the participation of music students in annual festivals.  They support the drama classes by providing funding for plays.  They help the forensics class field a mock trial team that participates in the statewide competition. 

And it is not accurate to think that Boosters fund the “extra” things that only a few students participate in.  Of course, our student athletes continue to benefit from the support of this group and to realize the benefits that athletics have also provided.  But now, with an increased focus on all campus activities, the Boosters contribute to programs that over 85% of our students participate in.

How do they do this?  First, it is an all-volunteer organization, and it takes a tremendous number of hours to raise the money they do.  Second, there are generous individual and business contributors, and many families continue to support the Boosters after their own children have graduated.  Third, increasing every family with a student at the High School understands that they need to belong to this organization at some membership level, in recognition of the importance of this organization to the health of the school and the success of its students.

So, to answer my own question, where would we be without the Boosters?  I don’t even want to think about it!  Thanks SVHS Boosters!

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