Careers Galore! We were fortunate to team up with Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) to offer a free class for middle school students that focused on career and technical education. In June, Sonoma Valley High School (SVHS) teacher Brigitta Crews led a group of twenty-four middle school students through a wonderful culinary arts experience. They spent a week working in the professional kitchen at SVHS, learning new techniques and recipes. At the end of the class, all twenty of the students who completed the course evaluation gave it high marks. Many wished that the class was longer! In addition, several students expressed an interest in pursuing further training in the field when they get to the high school. And they got to eat their homework!

Earlier in the year, through this same collaboration with SCOE, we offered a two day class to train babysitters. It included interviews with parents, keeping kids safe, changing diapers, bottle feeding, and creating fun bags of ideas and games to get you past those rough spots when the kids say, “I’m soooo bored.” Thanks to SVHS teacher, Ms. Stones for instructing this class. I am sure some of these students were able to use this class experience to earn some extra pocket money this summer.

The third class, which ran last spring, taught agricultural mechanics to a class of 15 middle school students. Taught by SVHS Ag Teacher Danny Aschwanden, the students worked in the shops at Sonoma Valley High School, learning the basics of wiring, plumbing and metals fabrication.

A big thank you to Dan Blake from SCOE, our classroom teachers and to Kathleen Hawing, our College and Career Center Director at SVHS!