Algebra!  That’s how some of our incoming ninth grade students their summer vacation.  Sounds like torture, right?  But not this year.   SVUSD offered incoming ninth graders two ways to prepare for Algebra I class in the fall as part of initiative of all students being college and career ready.  The first option is Algebra Boot Camp.  Approximately fifty students took part in the three week course which met two hours per day.  Taught by outstanding SVUSD math teacher Richelle Ryan, these students received an intensive introduction to the key concepts that they will need to understand to be successful from Day One when school starts.

The second opportunity was Algebra Readiness offered in summer school for incoming ninth graders.  These eighty students were selected and invited to participate in this class at SVHS with goal of increasing their readiness for high school in core subjects.  Run by SVUSD teachers Lyndsey Munn and Andrew Ryan, and Adele Principal Karla Conroy, we are looking forward to great things from these students in the fall.

These are two ways we are offering support and enrichment for our ninth grade students who will be part of our first class to graduate under our new requirements.  Rather than providing intervention after students start to struggle, these two programs front load the instruction so students can hit the ground running in the fall, already versed in the key concepts they will need in Algebra I.