John Randall passed away in early June after years of service to the teens of this Valley.  Several hundred people turned out on July 1st to honor and celebrate his life at a service at Trinity Episcopal Church, where John and wife Jenny were long time members.  In eulogizing John, Jim Rawls recognized John’s commitment to that often maligned minority: “young people between the ages of 14 and 18.  John worked tirelessly as a founder of Operation Youth, which last year merged with The Sonoma Valley Teen Center to become Valley of the Moon Teen Services.  They operate The Shop, a drug and alcohol free performance space on Eighth Street East, in space donated by Niels Chew and Dowling Magnets.  John also supported the creation of the No Name Café, on the campus of Sonoma Valley High School.  Both The Shop and the No Name Café are run by youth, and the adults simply provide guidance and supervision.  John and others have through these efforts created programs and places that will be available to teens in the Valley for years to come.  It is gratifying that, before John’s untimely passing, the Teen Center received an Impact 100 grant, insuring that the organization will be able to maintain and expand programs.  How does one truly honor the gifts that John gave to this community’s teens?   It can only happen if we all step in to try to follow the example that John set for us.  One of John’s inspirations was a statement made by an inner city youth active in programs similar to those that John devoted himself to:  “Kids can walk through trouble, if they have someone to walk with, and if they have somewhere to walk to.”  John walked with so many teens, and he has left this Valley with places for teens to walk to.