Is it truly the end of the school year?  This seems nearly impossible.  It seems like just yesterday I was sending my youngest child to kindergarten and just a few weeks ago I was presenting her with her diploma from SVHS.  I can look back on my daughter’s education and can be extremely thankful to the adults who took such good care of her in more ways than I could ever explain in this blog.  I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Kathleen Hawing (SVHS Director of the College and Career Center) my daughter would not be on her way to a 4-year college.  It was Kathleen who kept on her about turning in her applications and grades.  It was Kathleen who helped her sign up for the SAT and for housing and it was Kathleen who gently (or not so gently!) pushed her to give her personal best.  As parents, we all want to do the very best we can by our children, but sometimes having another caring adult in their lives can support our children in ways we simply cannot.  Thank you Kathleen, for making a difference for my daughter – SVUSD is fortunate to have you as such a wonderful advocate for our children.