In conjunction with The Exploratorium, The Sonoma Valley Unified School District has received a 2.9 million dollar Federal Investing in Innovation (i3) Grant focused on the integration of science and language learning in our elementary schools – this is HUGE!!  The grant was primarily written by Exploratorium staff with input from Maite Iturri (El Verano Principal).

The grant is awarded over a five year timeline and we must have a 20% match (which we do between the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation and The Exploratorium – bringing the grant total to 3.5 million dollars). This year the work will focus on deepening and refining the program at El Verano School for expansion to the other elementary schools beginning summer of 2011.

You can go to to find additional information about the grant.  We were one of 49 applicants out of 1698 who applied for and RECEIVED the grant, which puts us in the top 3% of all applicants!

This is certainly a GREAT way to start our school year!