100 Days…

Yes… it’s been 100 days since I took on the role of Superintendent

During the past 100 hundred days, we have:

  • Hired a high school principal – Mr. Dino Battaglini (whoo hooo!!)
  • Secured a $337,000 After School Education and Safety grant for our continued work with the Boys and Girls Club supporting students from Flowery, El Verano and Sassarini Elementary Schools 
  • Developed a districtwide Garden project, with gardens being started at all school sites (stop by the District Office – we even have a garden in place!)
  • Initiated a new Jump-Start kindergarten program so our youngest learners at each elementary site (who have previously not attended school) will have an opportunity to “get their feet wet.” prior to the first day of school
  • Worked with staff to develop a new model for summer school programs which includes extended days and enrichment (generously paid for by the Youth Initiative of the Sonoma Valley fund) for some of our most at-risk students.


  • I have set measureable goals for myself and reported on my progress at Board Meetings
  • I’ve met with all sites and parent groups and as many community non-profits as were willing to meet with me!

Even when the going gets tough… life is good as Superintendent of the Sonoma Valley Unified School District!