This past Saturday, SVUSD Board President, Helen Marsh and I attended a countywide celebration honoring students who were recognized in the “Why I Love The Library” contest. There were over 12oo entries from students in both public and private schools and of those 1200 entries, 22 students were recognized.  Even more impressive was the fact that we had FIVE Prestwood Elementary Students recognized at the event!! 

Trustee Marsh and I had a number of judges ask us why did we thought so many students from Prestwood were recognized.  Both Helen and I couldn’t help but mention the tremendous libary technicians we have at Prestwood School: Mrs. Heil and Mrs. Phillips, who show a deep love of the library each and every day! 

The idea for this contest came from the discovery of an essay written by famous author Amy Tan when she was attending Matanzas School in Santa Rosa.  The afternoon was filled with celebration as Arabella Davis, Megan Steiger, Emily DeWitt, Quinn Jensen and Katie Stovall (all from Prestwood School) were recognized. 

Below is a photo of Katie and Megan congratulating each other on their first place awards!!

Celebrating Success!