Each year, as a school district, we agonize over what we can best do to serve the needs of our students during the summer time, and this year is no exception.  The difference is that we are looking at our summer school program as the beginning of a year of student support which will continue through June 2011 and beyond.

A conscious decision was made to decrease the funding for the summer program in favor of increasing the funding for interventions during the 2010-2011 school year.  With this in mind we are looking to our non-profit community organizations for their support during this upcoming summer.  We are all in agreement that program offerings can only be enhanced when we all work together on a common solution – there is too much involved to do anything less.   In the coming month we will turn to our partners and work collaboratively to develop a summer school program which is focused on both intervention and enrichment.

Additionally, for the first time this summer, we are offering a JumpStart Kindergarten program at all our elementary sites.  Sassarini started this program a few years back to meet the needs of incoming kinder students who had no previous school experiences.  This year, El Verano and Flowery received grants from the county to develop similar programs with each school targeting 20 students.   Similar programs will be developed and implemented at Prestwood, Dunbar and Sassarini.

Times are challenging right now in the area of funding but what this does is makes us re-think what programs we are offering and how we can more strategically meet the needs of our students – this is a healthy process.  Nothing like a fiscal crisis to get those creative juices flowing…