About a month ago I met with incoming kindergarten parents and I shared my vision for the district with them.  I shared that their children would be graduating from high school in 2023 (yep… twenty twenty-three!) and every single child would have all options available to him/her.  What does “all options” really mean?  It means that each child will have met all requirements needed to attend a 4-year college – also referred to as meeting “A-G” requirements.  It also means that each child will be ready for the work-force if this is the path they CHOOSE after high school graduation.  All children graduating from Sonoma Valley High School will be college AND career ready.

President Obama will be presenting his education blueprint to Congress tomorrow.  From reading articles about this blueprint, I understand that there are some significant, positive changes to the law (previously No Child Left Behind – now called the Elementary and Secondary Education Act – sound familiar??).  I especially approve of the idea that districts should have all students college and career ready by 2020 (these students are our current second grade students). I also support the idea that we should look at student achievement through a variety of lenses, not just the results of a one or two tests. (otherwise we should just call it student test performance rather than student achievement.)

It will be interesting to see the entire blueprint; currently just bits and pieces have been shared with the media.  There will certainly be controversial portions of the blueprint as well.  The best thing we can do is have honest and open discussions about all parts of the blueprint – with student success as our focal point.   

Be on the lookout for more education news… times are exciting!!